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Title: 7-4-2018 PV4W meeting minutes
Post by: mikez0978 on July 24, 2018, 05:29:47 PM
The meeting was started around 6pm with 49 attendees including 6 guests. I read the June meeting minutes and treasure report and was passed by all the members in attendance.
                   Old Business:  (A) We had 18 vehicles participating in the 4th of July Parade and we truly call that impressive even though we didn't receive any official thank you's from the planner's. I would definitely like to thank everyone who participated. I am pretty sure the people in attendance were impressed with our numbers and our patriotism which is what this is all about. I felt good.  (B) We are still working on the club flag. If anyone has any other idea's, fill free to let me know, so I can bring it up.
                   New Business:  (A) We got notice that the wheeler water trough had been damaged once again. I was planning on doing a repair party trail run but Ed went up during the week and found a group of ATVer's up there fixing the problem's. The water trough is still doing well and since then, I have found out the ATV'ers are an off shoot group of the "Old Geezers". (B) We are participating once again in the "Goldfield Day's Parade" on Aug. 4, 2018. Ed Bowser will be leading the group to Goldfield. They will be leaving Smith's at 7am for the leisure drive north. This will be the first parade up there that Deb and I will have missed. We have always had a good time on this run. We will come up with a trail run on the return trip. (C) We received a request for a donation to the 'Blue Ribbon Coalition". The member's approved a donation of $100 which I will take care of.
                    Good of the Order:  (A) Paul showed a video of the 2019 Jeep JL which was pretty eye opening. (B) Ken is bringing up the July trail run's. (C) Denis is highlighting the Austin and Ely run's. (D) The Pahrump Chamber of Commerce magazine has a very good article about the Pahrump Valley 4 Wheeler's.
      We adjourned around 7pm with the 50/50 which was $75 won by the Elk's Lodge and Sandi Inman. Our next meeting is on August 1, 2018. Hope to see you there. Mike Z