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Title: 1-2-2019 PV4W meeting minutes
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1-2-2019 PV4W meeting minutes

R Adams
John/Jeanne Allen
Mike/Nancy Alvarado
Don/Lisa Arnold
John/Carol Arthur
and 89 more...

?Jan? ?29 at ?4?:?01? ?PM

The meeting got started around 6pm with 40 members present. I read the December 2018 meeting minutes and treasure report which was voted on and approved by all at the meeting.
                     Old Business:  (A) We had a group of members go up to the Wheeler Well to repair damages again. We need to go back up when the weather is warmer to make more repairs.
                     New Business:  (A) We are making our Afton Canyon water trail run on Feb. 2nd and then the Mojave Trail run to Laughlin on Feb. 11th. Moab trail runs are scheduled for Mar. 30th. (B) Denis talked about his hangover trail run on Jan. 1st. (C) We are looking forward to participating in Amargosa Day's Parade around the end of April. More info to follow as we get closer to the date.  (D) Pahrump Balloon Festival is Feb. 22-24.
                     Good of the Order:  (A) The club Christmas Dinner was on December 13th and was great as usual. We had around 60 members who participated.  (B) Paul talked about trail guide publications and trail rating's.  (C) I talked about a rally race happening in Nov. and wanted to make sure everybody wanted to be involved. I got a yes for the most part. More info to come as I get it.
  We adjourned with the 50/50 which was $65 split between Sandi and the Elk's Lodge. Our next meeting is on Feb. 6, 2019. Hope to see you all there. Mike Z.