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Author Topic: PV4W Club By-Laws/ Amended 11-7-2018 by vote of club  (Read 8132 times)

« on: December 04, 2009, 08:38:05 AM »



a)  This organization shall be known as the "Pahrump valley 4 Wheelers".


a)  The Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers is organized as a not for profit organization for the purposes of:
b)  Providing social, educational and recreational activities for its membership.
c)  To promote and support the sport of off-road travel
d)  To promote the safe and responsible use of public lands and recreation areas.
e)  To promote, organize and hold outings, meetings, trail runs and other events for its membership.
f)  This organization shall promote and practice the principals of the Tread Lightly and the United Four Wheel Drive Association programs.


a)  Owners of 4x4 vehicles are eligible for membership in the Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers.
b)  Dues for this organization shall be set by the membership for a full family membership. Members must reside in the same household. Membership will be limited to one (1) vote.
c)  Dues for this organization shall be $20.00 per family membership per 12 month period.
d)  Any members dues that are three months in arrears will be dropped from club rolls and all privileges revoked.
e)  All dues, past and present must be brought up to date before a member can be reinstated.


a)  Official club meetings will be held on the 1st Wednesday of each month. A meeting may be called at anytime by the membership or any of the officers.
b)  Club monthly business may be approved by a simple majority of those voting members  in attendance.
c)  An attendance or sign in sheet will be required at each meeting.


a)  The club by-laws will stand as written and approved by simple majority vote by the membership.
b)  The by-laws may be modified as needed at any official club meeting by a motion and acceptance by the majority of the membership present.

/Trail Coordinator.
a)  This organization shall be administered by a President, Vice-President/Trail Coordinator., Secretary/Treasure and Safety/.
b)  The above officers shall be elected by the voting members of the organization; a majority vote of members present is required for election into any office.
c)  Secret ballot nominations for officers will be in November. In December, those nominated will be voted on by secret ballot if more than one is nominated to there respected office.
d)  Newly elected officers shall take office at the regular monthly meeting in January.


a)  President- will preside over all meetings and events. He/She will represent the organization at events and all official functions of the club.
b)  Vice-President- shall assist the President and serve in his/her stead if the President is absent.He/She will endeavor to come up with some trail runs, rate them, seek assistance from other members in pre-running, and present said run to the membership.

c)  Secretary/Treasurer- shall keep and preserve all records, minutes of regular meetings, membership records and be responsible for all club merchandise/property. He/She shall receive and answer all general correspondence of the organization. Shall keep and maintain all financial records of the organization. The treasure shall collect all dues, fees, and make such disbursement as is directed by the membership. He/She will also be required to submit a monthly financial report.
d)  Safety/Trail Coordinator- shall be responsible for educating the members about safe driving and how to practice safe four wheeling. He/She will also be called upon to check equipment  of vehicles and to give advice at club functions and events.

a)  All moneys collected by this organization shall be immediately turned over to the treasurer and placed in the organizations bank account.
b)  Regular operation expenditures shall not require prior membership approval. Other expenditures require the simple majority vote and approval of the members.
c)  A ledger of the organizations funds shall be maintained by the Treasure and this ledger shall be open to inspection by any member in good standing at monthly meetings.


a)  Any officer of this organization may be impeached by a two-thirds majority vote of members present.
b)  A motion made and seconded to impeach any officer may be made by any  member in good standing at any official membership meeting. A majority vote by the members present will initiate the impeachment process.
c)  A vote for impeachment will be held at the next regular scheduled meeting. The vote for impeachment will be by secret ballot.
d)  The officer being impeached will be given an opportunity to give reason why they should not be impeached before a vote is taken.
e)  In the event a vacancy of an officer position is created;  an election will be called to elect a successor. The secretary or president in the secretary's absence shall notify all voting members at least two weeks in advance of such an election.


a)  All events and functions shall be subject to approval of the membership present.
b)  All events are to be conducted in an orderly manner with safety as a prime factor.
c)  Alcohol or illegal drugs/substances are not allowed while driving and constitute good  practice. The Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers have adopted these practices and if violations occur , the member, members and guests will be required to leave the activity, event or trail ride.
d)  All members and guests shall obey the traffic laws of all states that we operate in.
e)  Participation in club events/functions shall be limited to members, guests and potential members unless otherwise decided by vote of membership present.
f)  Any elected officer shall have the authority to cancel or postpone any event if conditions exist which prohibit the event from being held safely.
g)  All vehicles participating in off road events must be 4x4 and have proper equipment installed for legal operation.
h)  Seat belts are required for all occupants.(If applicable to year and model)


a)  Unless otherwise specified in these by-laws, parliamentary procedure will govern the Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers.


a)  These by-laws can be amended or added to by a majority vote of the membership. Any amendment must be presented at an official club meeting.   
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